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Camp NaNo 2015

March 7th 2015 14:17
Camp NaNoWriMo opens its cabins twice a year in April and in July.

Camp NaNo is a bit different from NaNoWriMo: Participants can set their own wordcount (minimum 10,000 words) and choose something other than novels. It's a good way to join in the excitement if you want to write a collection of short stories or a screenplay.

Registration is open now. Because it's a camp, there are cabins, of course. Join now to get to know your cabin mates.

2014 Writing Wisdom: Submit

January 3rd 2015 15:34
The single most important take-away of 2014 for me: If you want to have your stories published, you must keep submitting them.

I collected an impressive amount of rejections last year. But I had six stories published, with a few more that made long and short lists before they were rejected. I am still awaiting a response on six others.

Rejection stings. The more I'm exposing myself to it, however, the milder the sting becomes. I doubt I'll ever grow immune to it. But after all the submissions I sent out in 2014, I know receiving a rejection is not the end of the world, either.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I have a story to edit so I can submit it to a short story competition.

Five Day NaNoWriMo Prep

October 27th 2014 15:06
Five days is not much. But if you get serious about prepping for NaNoWriMo now, you can give yourself a rough roadmap that'll help you make it through November and write 50k words.

I suggest the following five tasks. Answer the first four in as much detail as you can Ė it will make the final task easier:

1. Define the MC's status quo.
2. What does the MC want most?
3. What does the MC fear most?
4. How could things go wrong?
5. Write a 100-word summary of your story.

DIY MFA Writing Podcast

August 20th 2014 11:33
I would like to do an MFA in Creative Writing but I can't afford it. So I'm trying to put together my own programme.

One of the sites I have found during my extensive round of Googling is diyMFA. It's right up my street. They have recently started a podcast, and in the current episode they're talking about one of my favourite writing topics: writing prompts.

I keep banging on about writing prompts. Listening to the episode, I just nodded along the entire time. Writing prompts are awesome and I don't believe those writers who claim prompts don't work for them. If you're not already a writing prompt convert, give it a listen.


National Flash Fiction Day 2014

June 20th 2014 20:10
Look, how time flies. It's National Flash Fiction Day again tomorrow. There are lots of things happening, so check out what's going on IRL and online and join in if you feel flashy.

Failing better

April 26th 2014 08:50
Itís Camp Nano and I said I was going to write ten thousand words in flash fiction Ė a story a day from mid-month on.
At the moment, I have 2,350 words. Iím not even sure Iíll make it to 5,000 words in total by the end of the month.
There are reasons for my low output at the moment, reasons I wonít go into. Because they donít matter. Even though Iím not going to reach my word count goal this month. Iíll fail, if you will. But Iíve tried, and I have written six stories so far. Iíve submitted one of them to a competition

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My 2014 Photo Challenge - update

March 3rd 2014 10:54
I was doing so well with the 2014 photo challenge. Okay, well is maybe overstating the case a bit. There were days when I struggled to find ways to interpret the writing prompts, when I took pictures I knew weren't that good.
Still, I kept at it.

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My 2014 Photo Challenge

January 2nd 2014 15:38
A few years ago, I joined one of the groups on Flickr who take and post a picture a day. I made it through to early February but then the ideas left me.

This year, spurred on by a Twitter conversation, I am going to give the daily photo challenge another go. I have a secret weapon this time: I will take a picture inspired by the daily writing prompt. I'm not going to be too literal about it - sometimes the connection between the writing prompt and the photo I'll post will not be clear to anyone (I dare say the pictures for the first two days of 2014 are good examples for this

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There is nothing better for boosting your wordcount than sprits: someone sets a time and sometimes there's a writing prompt involved, and people write as much as they can.

Twitter is great if you want to find fellow sprinters

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NaNo survival guide: I need your input

September 14th 2013 15:36
Three years ago, I wrote the NaNoWriMo Beginner's Guide. While it turned out okay (given that I wrote full-time as well as a freelancer in the evenings and only had time to write my posts at the weekends), I've decided to write a new version.

This time, I want to write a NaNoWriMo survival guide. For that, I want you to tell me what you most want to know, or what you keep struggling with during November. Leave a comment below or head this way if you have a Google account

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